A perfect arrangement of living room furniture will ensure that your room looks neither too crowded nor too lonely. Good furniture with proper color combinations could make your living room livelier and comfortable. It must reflect your taste and style as you are likely to spend most of your time here. Also,Guest Posting it is important to keep the living room cozy and comfy so that it brings a welcome feeling to family and friends.Focal point – While arranging the living room furniture, it is useful to have a focal point; the one object around which you want your settings to be created. A fireplace is a best example of focal point. Television set, music system, a large sofa or some lovely collectibles could be used as well. Other furniture could be subtly oriented towards this focal point.Furniture Arrangement – A low table with a high-backed chair would look unbalanced. Similarly if all the heavy furniture is put in one place, it will look off balance. Another blunder is to put all the living room furniture up against the wall with a large empty space in between. It feels like people are sitting in two different rooms. Pull the furniture away from the walls. This will give more flexibility and walking space. A good arrangement would be to place the sofas and chairs in “L” shape pattern leaving enough space 일산요정 to pass between. Place an area rug and coffee table parallel to the sofa. Side tables could be placed next to chairs. This will ensure that everyone has access to either the coffee table or a side table.Conversation Area – People sitting in the living room do not want to shout when they are talking to one another. A comfortable conversation area will help people talk easily. For example, two chairs separated by a table would ensure easy conversation. On the contrary, if your friend is sitting 10 feet away from you, talking becomes uncomfortable. Thus the sofa and chairs should not be far from each other. If the living room is big, the sofa could be used to divide the space into two conversation areas.Accessories – Accessorize your living room with paintings, lamps, wall clocks, plants and other decorative pieces. This will give a whole new look to the basic living room furniture. However, you must be careful while choosing the accessories. An old painting would look very odd with a modern living room setup. Similarly, over-sized plants or lamps would clutter the place. The accessories must add color, life, and style to the room. It must bring out a theme or express personality. A musician’s living room could be accessorized with a guitar or a wall painting of music notes.Color Scheme – Color is another important factor while styling your living room. It must be in accordance to the living room furniture. Colors have warming and cooling effect. Intense colors energize the living room while warm colors bring relaxation. For example, a combination of light blue and white will make the living room look elegant, calm and cool.Ultimately, it is your living space. Design it the way you want it, take help of the pictures in magazines or on internet. Let your home furnishings speak of your taste, your style and your comfort. After all, you will be living there.

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